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Rev. Richard Chew, Health Management’s Assistant Corporate Chaplain


Midwest Regional Medical Center, Midwest City, Oklahoma

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Getting       2      Great      Mission  … Enabling America’s Best Local Health Care 1) We are servant leaders. 2) We do the right thing. 3) We don’t settle.


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Meet Chaplain Richard

Richard Chew 6x4This month I would like you to meet Rev. Richard Chew (, Chaplain at the Midwest Regional Medical Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma.  I credit Richard for this HMA-wide Chaplains ministry.  Many years ago Richard started praying for a leader and friend to assist him in his local chaplaincy ministry.  For that reason, I consider Richard to be my co-partner and right hand man in this ministry.  In March of 2010, Richard became my official Assistant to HMA Corporate Chaplaincy.  He will be a co-trainer to some of the hospitals close to him.

Richards says,  “I married my high school sweetheart, Corey and we have 2 grown daughters. Our oldest daughter is married and assists her husband who is the pastor of a church near Hannibal, Missouri. Our other daughter was born with severe disabilities; she is profoundly deaf and uses sign language to communicate. She also has mild cerebral palsy. Raising a disabled child is probably what helped to grow my heart of understanding of pain, suffering and asking the familiar question we chaplains hear so often, ‘why did this have to happen to us?’ ‘What did we do to deserve this?’  Our daughter has been a tremendous example of faith and perseverance.  She has found ways to overcome many obstacles from learning to walk with a limp to opening jars one handed.

My one hobby is  daily walks. Being on call 24 hours a day with the hospital and my wife is a funeral director (who is also on call 24 hours a day) does not allow for many hobbies.  My goal is someday to have time to play more tennis and spending more time with our 3 grandkids.

Ministry: pastored for 14 years with the Church of the Nazarene in California, Kansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Now been in chaplaincy work for a total of 13 years (11 of those here at Midwest Regional).

Approach to chaplaincy: the power of presence! I learned years ago, that I don’t have to have all the answers, but I can make myself available to be present with those struggling in their journey. Ministry is not just towards patient in the bed but also to the nurses, doctors and staff. I am a firm believer that nearly everyone has who has a question about a problem has their own answer deep down inside themselves. They just need someone to say it to so they can hear themselves come up with the answer!”

Job Opportunities — Hiring a Staff Chaplain for Each Hospital

It is the belief of Health Management Associates, Inc. that a Staff Chaplain is needed to reach our Patient Satisfaction goals and Joint Commission goals.

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